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UMASS Parasitoid Database


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Common Questions

Yes, you can, by working with the site administrator. We are actively soliciting corrections or improvements to text on existing species, and we encourage persons introducing new species to prepare new lines in the database for the new species. If that is done, over time, the value of this catalog will grow.
Yes, the database is searchable. In the help section technical guidelines are given on how to search terms in the database.
Yes, each entry has been linked to the corresponding reference for you to see.
To cite the catalog database: Van Driesche, R., M. J. W. Cock, R. L. Winston, R. Reardon, and R. D. Weeks, Jr. 2024. Catalog of Species Introduced into Canada, Mexico, the USA, or the USA Overseas Territories for Classical Biological Control of Arthropods, 1985 to 2018. USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Assessment and Applied Sciences Team, Morgantown, West Virginia. FHAAST-2018-09., USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Assessment and Applied Sciences Team. Available online at (Accessed 4/15/2024).
Please contact the site administrator for more information, or to make suggestions.