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Includes the Parasitoids and Predators introduced into North America since 1985

for the Classical Biological Control of Invasive Insects or Mites

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The catalog is focused on North America (Canada, the USA, and Mexico) with the separate tracking of 4 USA entities: Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Parasitoid and Predator

Two different release types are included. You can search by the known parasite (and check for known synonyms) as well as the predator (natural enemy).


Search for all known establishment and host range estimation information per release. The data has been assimilated from multiple sources and peer reviewed.

scope of the catalog

Scope of the catalog

This catalog expands on previous work of the Julien Catalog and CABI's "Biocat", including information on host range estimation and literature host records, to give a sense of the likely specificity of each agent. It also includes information on synonyms of the agent's name to aid in understanding the literature. The records were assembled by the first author (RVD) from species-specific literature searches of the CAB abstracting database and other resources.

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